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  • I have worked with Grigory Ivshin on my taxes for over 10 years. I keep coming back to him because he is thorough, always up to date on latest changes in tax law and always takes initiative to look for new ways to improve my tax return.

    Furthermore, I have had some issues with the IRS arising from my bank’s mistake. Although Grigory had nothing to do with these issues, he has found a solution and helped me address them with the IRS by preparing all communication and supporting documents.

    I have also turned to Grigory for tax advice, which has always been very helpful. Grigory is very knowledgeable and most importantly, honest.  If he does not know the answer, he always tells me so (and then tries to find it from verified sources). I plan to continue using Grigory’s services and highly recommend him to everyone.

    Arkadij E.


  • Grigory Ivshin was preparing my tax returns for almost 20 years. I can affirm that he provides with an excellent service, aimed at paying my fair share to the state and federal government, and at the same time providing me with all benefits of the tax law.

    He is a knowledgeable accountant, and always is ready to provide me with any advice regarding my financial needs. I highly recommend his firm to anybody who is looking for a reliable, competent tax return service.

    Boris S.


  • I have been going to Grigory Ivshin to do my taxes since 2014. I was introduced to him by my mother in law when I asked if she knew good and trusted tax person to assist me with filing my taxes.

    Even though Grigory is located in Los Angeles and I live in San Francisco it has always been fast and easy. From the 1st conversation to the most recent one, Grigory has been nothing short of professional, welcoming and extremely helpful throughout these years. Very easy to work with and he truly cares about making sure that you get the most out of the process.

    I have since referred Grigory to all my family members, coworkers and friends when the tax season comes around. All of them tell me that the service was great and they are looking forward to do their taxes with Grigory again.

    If you are searching for a professional, trustworthy and friendly tax person to assist you with filing your taxes, making your life much easier and getting the most out of it, Grigory is definitely the right person to see!

    Ross G.


Income Tax Services

A recent study by the U.S. Government’s General Accounting Office (GAO) suggests that most taxpayers benefit from using professional tax preparation.

We, too, believe this study accurately reflects the realities of Income Tax Preparation today… our own client observations confirm that conclusion.

Self–help and self-direction in tax filing, in many cases, are both useful and essential.  Self-reliance is a practical and great tool for managing many things in life; we’re all for it.

However, we’ve found, and our actual clients’ case experiences have proven, that individuals who seek the assistance of and use a trusted professional Tax Preparer save more money and experience less stress than those who self-file.

It’s not smart to self-medicate or self-treat when you’re ill – it’s normal to use a qualified and well-educated medical professional to assist us. That same protective logic should apply to the proper preparation of your Income Tax Return.

An arms-length, careful, detailed, and professional review of your tax obligations (and strategy) will, without doubt, pay rich dividends versus a well-intended “I can do this myself!

If you’d like to see actual proof of how this works, please give us your self-prepared income tax return for a complimentary ‘review and recommend’… and let’s see the results.

You’ll be glad you did!

More about our Income Tax services:

Planning is a critical component to the legal and successful reduction of your tax liability.

Our tax preparation and advisory services go beyond simple tax compliance; we proactively recommend savvy and tested tax-saving strategies that maximize your after-tax income.

The following services are available for both individuals and the vast majority of business entities with US tax liabilities (irrespective of domicile):

Individual Income Tax Preparation
• Business Income Tax Preparation for Corporations, Partnerships, & LLC’s
• Prior Years’ Income Tax Returns
• Amended Tax Returns, Extensions, Late Filings
• Year-Round Tax Advisory Services
• Review of prior years’ filed Income Tax Returns (try-out our complimentary ‘review and recommend’ offer)

We’re here to help to solve your tax problems. We pride ourselves in being efficient, affordable and extremely discrete.

We Work – You Rest. Not a problem for U!